The Caribbean Green Technology Center at the University of the Virgin Islands has four major functional areas:

  1. To enhance the renewable energy workforce in the Virgin Islands
  2. To assist in the development of progressive energy policy
  3. To serve the Virgin Islands energy community by providing information to the public through outreach and educational programs.
  4. To encourage basic and applied research in renewable energy at the University of the Virgin Islands through collaborations with other universities, national labs, industry and governmental agencies.


The Caribbean Green Technology Center serves as a vibrant intellectual hub for learning, networking and innovation in and across the Caribbean, in all areas pertaining to green technology. Its main purpose is to foster research, education and public service on sustainability, to promote Caribbean inter-Islandsメ cooperation, to advance interdisciplinary investigations and learning, to collaborate with governmental agencies and industry partners and to research, develop, demonstrate and monitor green technology.

The Caribbean Green Technology Center will address scientific, policy and implementation issues around the topic of green technology and sustainability, especially as it pertains to living in the Caribbean. The Center will bring together groups of researchers, industry leaders and policy makers to address and solve problems, and implement solutions that will lead to better lives for the people of the Caribbean.