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Special Seminar: CGTC Biofuel Initiative Converting Waste Vegetable Oil into Biofuel

The burning of fossil fuels to generate energy for transportation, electricity as well as other residential, commercial and industrial processes has resulted in copious emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs). The emissions have led to an enhancement of the atmospheric greenhouse effect and an attendant increase in global surface temperature. Two of the most significant effects of these are global climate change and sea level rise. Given the vulnerability of small islands, the US Virgin Islands has a responsibility to act.

A number of restaurants, hotels and cruise ships which operate in the USVI, produce significant quantities of waste vegetable oil (WVO). This WVO, a waste product that requires safe disposal, is a potential fuel source as it may be converted to biodiesel. Biodiesel is a carbon positive fuel that is readily manufactured from used or freshly produced vegetable oil or animal fat using technology that is widely available and readily accessible.

Based on the success of the Alternative Energy programs and the biodiesel project at The University of the West Indies (The UWI), a partnership is being forged between the Caribbean Green Technology Center (CGTC) and The UWI. Under this partnership The UWI, through the Departments of Physics and Chemistry will support and collaborate with CGTC to develop and implement a project for converting WVO, into biodiesel. Additionally, this project will attempt, through training and capacity building at the community and school-level, to target USVI citizens in an effort to highlight the importance of environmental protection and enhance involvement in the climate change mitigation process.

A three member team from The UWI, Dr. Michael Coley, Mr. Dale Rankine and Mrs. Cherri-Ann Scarlett, will lead this scoping mission to facilitate talks with relevant USVI stakeholders and assist with the development of the CGTC biodiesel project.

Contact Dr. Wayne Archibald at warchib@uvi.edu for more information
Tuesday 29th October 2013
4 pm to 5 pm
University of the Virgin Islands
St. Thomas campus Business Building B110
Video conference to St. Croix campus EVC 401