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CGTC offers sustainable development course

The course will cover the fundamentals of sustainability and sustainable development. It will look at the historical evolution of sustainable development ideas and linkages to issues such as consumerism, environmental degradation, environmental ethics, and equity around development. Instructors and participants will examine how political, economic, and socio-cultural, factors challenge and/or facilitate environmental conservation and sustainability goals. This will include discussion of the many stakeholders involved in implementing sustainable development policies and action plans such as governments, international organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), corporations, and grassroots community organizations. We will focus on selected topics relevant to island environments such as climate change, biodiversity and island biogeography, water availability, ecotourism, sustainable agriculture and alternative energy.

Interested persons are urged to register online here or contact the CGTC staff for any inquires. This event will be located at the Neil Weiss Seminar Suite (West Hall Dormitory on campus) beginning at 8am – 4pm from June 23rd – July 3rd. Further course details could be reviewed in the course syllabus.