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Keeping the Lights On: A Forum on Renewable Energy Policy and Financing

This roundtable will serve as the launch of a series of activities for our local government officials;
whose goal is to bring greater access to alternative energy and conservation technology and resources
to the Virgin Islands.

This forum will bring together policy makers from the Virgin Islands and neighboring islands to:

  • Build an understanding of renewable energy technology options in the Caribbean region, specifically the Virgin Islands
  • Deepen the understanding of the benefits of renewable energy for policy makers, financial institutions, consumers and society
  • Identify and discuss the barriers to renewable energy uptake

The forum will be structured in two days, the first day targeting Virgin Islands senators and government officials. The first day will also showcase the experiences of renewable energy policy implementation in neighboring Caribbean islands. The second day will be open to the general public and showcase opportunities for them to benefit from renewable energy and energy efficiency.

October 22nd
Senators, Governmental Employees, Policy Staff
Research Building
St. Croix Campus